Superior Healthcare Case Study 

I have the privilege of working with a fantastic care agency, The Superior Healthcare Company. 
They wanted to upgrade their headshot images and have a complete set of team photos all with a unified look and feel. This was both for their team members and new recruits across their six offices in Whitstable, Folkestone, Maidstone, Chelmsford, Brighton and Gosport as they come on-board. 
While chatting to team members during their headshot sessions, I‘ve been struck by their happiness and sense of job satisfaction. When I've asked what makes this company such a great place to work, the answers they give are always around the warm and welcoming company culture. 
The CEO, Stewart Thorp, has a personal story that drives the mission of the company - to provide better care to people in their homes. This mission appears to have translated into a committed and cohesive team that is growing at a remarkable pace. 
One aspect that sets this company apart is their emphasis on valuing their employees. They display professional images of their team members on internal communications and messaging, which not only showcases the value they place on their employees but also fosters a sense of unity and belonging within the company. As a team member mentioned, this ties in with one of their company values, "One Family.” 
Last week, one of the latest team members said during our remote photo session "I wanted this job so much! I had not worked in an office for 30 years, and here I am. And I love it," moved me deeply. It highlights the power of a positive company culture and its impact on employee happiness and job satisfaction. 
I’m so pleased to be able to capture the essence of each team member through remote headshot sessions that can be arranged at times to suit them at home, or in the office. I believe that companies keeping all of their team's images up-to-date, visually appealing and professional demonstrates the value placed on each employee. 
Creating a positive and inclusive workplace culture that values and celebrates its people makes total sense to me on every level - retained and motivated people, well served customers and a growing company! 
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