For Franchisee and Small Business Owners 

For Franchisee and Small Business Owners 

Whats Going On 

Whats Going On 

Sample Topics, there are many more.. 
All about coaching you to deliver a coherent set of content with specific business outcomes in mind. 

Initial Basic Skills 

Level set on confidence and technology, build confidence. 

They Ask You Answer 

Provides a baseline of information for prospects 

Face of the Place 

These videos position franchisees as the friendly face in their community. 

Custom Sales Onboarding Video 

Significantly improves the customer journey and percieved value of franchise. 

Core Skills 

Ongoing work on core-skills to ensure quality results 

Testimonials / Case Studies 

Much overlooked and really valuable source of brand collateral 

Day in the Life 

What its Like to be you? 

Social Media 

Stratgey Planning, shooting and posting. 

Whats Going On 

Whats Going On 

Platform Facebook Group 

Facebook communciaty tools are excellent. Most people have and FB account. 


This is coaching not training, our team will be alongside your franchisees and learn and create. 


Focus on fun and encouraging each other. Lots of online interaction. 

Outcome - Focused 

This is not about getting better at video. This is about regularly creating video-based assets that deliver business results. 

Accountability Groups 

Smaller whatsapp groups- either by region or cross region to encourage each other. e.g 6x6 person groups. 


Introduce gentle comeptition between accountability groups. 

Adjust and Literate 

We will adapt the approach and content based on feedback. 

Whats Going On 

Whats Going On 

Focus on a topic each month 

Week 1 Introduce Topic and First Task. 

Output is preparation for task. 

Week 2 Have a Go 

Produce an intial version of that video for feedback. 

Week 3 Scale 

Create more videos once clear on process. 

Week 4 Scale and Consolidate. 

Continue and improve and catch up if behind. 

Activities Each Week 

Activities Each Week 

Task Video - Introduce task for that week 

Results posted for that week on the community. Feedback from team mates and coaching team during the week. 

Bonus Live Session 

Additional training for those who want more in depth information weekly or fortnightly. 

Ask Me Anything Post 

Opportunity to ask, text questions that answered on Friday live session. 

Optional Clinic 

Session Live session on Zoom for those who need additional help. 

Live Feedback Session 

At the end of the week. Rewards and encouragement. 
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