Remote Brand Shoot Instructions 

We can’t wait to meet you! 
Our 3 step process makes it easy to capture fabulous brand photos of you without you having to travel anywhere! 

Step 1: Install App 

Make sure you are following these instructions on your mobile phone, not a computer. 
The app will give you an ID number - please make a note of it
When you’ve done that, return to this page and complete Step 2. 
QR link to install App 
Point your mobile phone camera at the QR code: 
The app allows us to: 
Communicate with you and direct you 
Use your phone camera to take your photo 
Send the photos to us 

Step 2: Book Your Pre-Brand Shoot consultation and your Brand Shoot Session 

The link below will allow you to book a 15min consultation with us and then book your actual Brand Shoot Session. 
During the consultation We'll meet you for 15mins to: 
Get to know you  
Get you ready for your shoot 
Find out what you're looking for 
During your Brand Shoot You'll need 
Natural light - for example a window 
Good wifi or 4G connection 
Quiet space where you won't be disturbed (not a coffee shop or open-plan office) 
(Don't worry about the background as this will be removed later.) 
So choose a time when you'll have these 3 things.  
Make sure the time you book your Brand Shoot is AFTER your consultation! 
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