Well done, you’ve scheduled your headshot session! 

NOTE: If you later reschedule with less than 24h notice or no-show, your company will still be charged for the appointment. 
Now please read the instructions below to prepare for a successful Cadenz Remote Headshot session. 

Step 3: Instructions 

You MUST have
Food can and 2 elastic or hair bands - see photo. At the start of the session, use your phone normally, then when directed by your photographer, setup your phone with the can and bands as shown in the photo. Other solutions such tripods, iphone stands, propping up your phone against something are all no good. See video if you're curious why. 
Fully charged phone. Remote Headshot sessions are draining on your battery, so please make sure your phone is 100%.  
Natural light through a window (north facing is ideal but not essential) 
Good wifi or 4G connection 
Quiet space where you won't be disturbed (not a coffee shop or open-plan office) 
You are on-time : Open the app just before the time of your appointment and your photographer will contact you through the app.  The session usually takes up to 20-30mins. Any problems, we'll call you on the number you've provided. 
Allow extra time without access to your phone: Your phone will upload the photos to us.  Please allow an additional 30mins after the shoot for this before you plan to use your phone. (Another reason for having it fully charged!) 
NOTE: If you arrive without these requirements we'll have to reschedule and your company will be charged for an additional appointment. 
This information will also be emailed to you a few days before and 24hrs before your session. Check your junk/spam folder if you don’t receive it. 
We look forward to photographing you soon! 
Sarah Aires 
Cadenz Remote Headshots 
P.S. In the meantime you might find some of the short videos below helpful if you have any questions... 
For more videos about our Cadenz Remote Headshots service visit our Knowledge Center
If you haven't already, visit our Cadenz Remote Headshots Homepage
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