We take amazing professional headshots of your team - remotely

In today's digital age, the first impression of your company often comes from your online presence. And nothing speaks louder than the friendly faces of your people on your website social media profiles. 
That's where we can help! We specialise in working with multi-site professional services companies and franchise networks, to create a consistent and professional image of their team members, no matter where they're located. 

The Problems We Solve 

Traditional methods of obtaining professional headshots can be a real hassle! Coordinating with different photographers for different locations, dealing with varying levels of quality, or asking your team members to take their own pictures can result in organisational headache and inconsistent and poor quality images. And you just know that someone will be off ill, on maternity or just 'happens' to have an urgent client meeting to avoid having their photo taken! 
Our Cadenz Remote Headshots Service is the solution to all these challenges. We provide a seamless, high-quality, and consistent headshot experience for your team, no matter where they are situated. We take the photos remotely! 

How Remote Headshots Work 

Our process is simple, highly effective, and almost magical! We connect remotely with each of your team members via an app on their phone and provide live professional direction to help them take the perfect shot using their own camera. We then download the photo, enhance it for professional quality, and remove the background. We replace it with your brand colours, ensuring that each photo is not just a picture, but a representation of your brand identity. 
This service is particularly useful during the onboarding process for new hires, ensuring that from day one, they feel a part of your brand and your online presence reflects this. 

Why Choose Cadenz

We provide a cost-effective solution without compromising on quality. Our remote approach eliminates the need for expensive photographers, and our experience ensures that each image is of the highest quality and matches your overall style. We understand the power of a good headshot and how it can transform your 'About Us' or social media page from merely informative to be engaging and professional that starts building trust in your team. 
Join the growing number of companies that are choosing consistency, professionalism, and brand alignment with our Remote Headshot Service. 
"I was initially dreading the idea of having my photo taken remotely, but Sarah completely changed my perspective. Her clear instructions and quick setup process made the experience totally painless. During the session, Sarah's professionalism and ability to make me feel at ease were outstanding. She gave clear directions and her encouraging manner created a relaxed atmosphere. She brought an unexpected fun element to the session too, and the resulting headshot exceeded my expectations." 
Julie Scaife, Benefiz 

Experience our Service for Free 

We understand that our Cadenz Remote Headshots service might be a novel concept for many. It's natural to wonder how it works and whether it can truly deliver the quality you expect. That's why we offer marketing managers or anyone responsible for their team's headshots the chance to experience our service for free
Book a session with us, and we'll walk you through the entire process, guiding you to capture a professional-grade headshot. We believe that the best way to understand our service is to experience it. Plus, you can use the photo we process for your LinkedIn profile or other professional needs. 
Our promise is simple: once you try us, you'll see the distinct advantages of our service. Contact us today to schedule your free headshot session. 


Your professional remote headhot session costs just £125+VAT. 
Your 1hr mini brand shoot session costs just £345+VAT and includes a professional headshot, and a pre-shoot consultation. 
Team discounts are available for multiple headshots. 
For more helpful videos about our Cadenz Remote Headshots service visit our Knowledge Center
"Thanks Sarah Aires for taking this great corporate headshot, all from the comfort of my own home. Who would have thought all you need is some natural light, a can of beans, hair ties and a phone. 😀." 
Sorangi Shah, Client Director, Benefiz 
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