We take amazing, professional videos of your team - remotely

In today's digital age, the first impression of your company often comes from your online presence. And nothing speaks louder than authentic videos of you and your team people on your website and social media profile. 
That's where we can help! We specialise in working with multi-site professional services companies and franchise networks, to create a consistent and professional video content of their team members, no matter where they're located. 
Connecting you personally with your audience! 
Testimonial video shot remotely for Access 4 Lofts Franchise 

The Problems We Solve 

Ever tried making a set of videos? It can be really tricky! You need to find the right place, make sure everyone's ready at the same time, and sometimes even then the videos don’t even look good - it's harder than it looks! Plus, there’s always someone who can’t make it because they’re sick or super busy. 
That's where we come in with Cadenz Remote Studio. We make making videos super easy, no matter where you are. You don’t have to worry about finding a place or having everyone in the same spot. We help you make awesome video content from wherever you or your team are - remotely! No more stress about making videos. We’ve got it all covered for you. 

How Remote Studio Works 

How on earth can we create videos without be there with you? 
Connect from Anywhere: Each of your team members just needs a webcam! They can be anywhere – at home, in the office, even out and about! 
Directing the Magic: Our team provides live, professional directions through the an app. It’s like having a director right there with you! 
Make It Shine: We take those videos, make them look even more professional, and add some special touches. This makes every video not just a cool clip, but a part of your brand’s story. 

Why Choose Cadenz

We provide a cost-effective solution without compromising on content quality. Our remote approach eliminates the need for expensive equipment or crew, and our experience ensures that each video is of the highest content quality and matches your overall style. Great video content can make your customer journey so much more engaging and allows your audience to connect personally with you. In a age of rapidly progressing AI content, authenticity and trust are becoming more important than ever. It's time to make sure you have lots of engaging content of you and your team explaining your services and products on your website! 
Join the growing number of companies that are choosing consistency, professionalism, and brand alignment with our Remote Studio Service. 
"We have created two series of short videos with Kevin and both have been very useful and to a high standard. Kevin's training and coaching style works very well to get the best results and we will continue to work with Kevin for both training and video production" 
Alex Green, Franchisor for Radfield Home Care 

Experience our Service for Free 

We understand that our Cadenz Remote Studio service might be a novel concept for many. It's natural to wonder how it works and whether it can truly deliver the quality you expect. That's why we offer marketing managers or franchisors a short test session so they can experience our service for free
Book a session with us, and we'll walk you through the entire process, guiding you to capture a professional-grade videos. We believe that the best way to understand our service is to experience it. Plus, you can use the video we shoot professionally if you wish. 
Our promise is simple: once you try us, you'll see the distinct advantages of our service. Contact us today to schedule your free remote studio session. 
Frequently Asked Questions 

Client Examples 

"Kevin is fantastic, especially for creating video content. He has just started working with us at Mini Athletics to create video content. He can work with you or your franchisees remotely and put a professional edit to it." 
Kirk Bowyer, Franchisor for Mini Athletics 
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